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Superintendent of Schools announces Super Scholars

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

The annual Super Scholars event, where students in third through 12th grade are recognized for their academic achievements, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, superintendent Terrence Beam said he wants to congratulate the students for having a successful year during a trying time.

To be a Super Scholar, students must achieve an overall cumulative average of 90 percent at the end of the third nine weeks in the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social students; high school students must attain a 3.8 average; and students must have at least a C average in other non-core subjects.

The following students will receive their awards next year at their schools. The seniors have already received their awards.

Hillsboro Elementary School

Third grade – Eli Beezley, Vincent Birchfield, Ezra Bond, Julia Brown, Dillon Crites, Brylee Dunbrack, Bentlee Gladwell, Hailey Goldsberry and Brynn Clutter.

Fourth grade – Nicholas Beverage, Kegan Calhoun, Oliver Campbell and Willa Hardy.

Fifth grade – Molly Cook, Riyan Gladwell, Kenslee Lane and Asa Marks.

Marlinton Elementary School

Third grade – Izabella Arbogast, Laelah Clendenen, Silas Dean, Zara Fanning, Tyler Friel, Khloe Gainer, Joseph McClure, Dazia Brown, Katherine Canoy, Colton Cassell, Skylar Clary, Amelia Hicks, Levi Hill and Raylan Sharp.

Fourth grade – Rylynn Barlow, Rodrigo Chavez, Kimber Fitzgerald, Hemi Hammons, RT Hill, Taylor Morrison, Natalee Sewell, Irelyn Withers, Reeanna Alderman, Lexie Burdette, Alary Creamer, Eli Lee, Emma Sacca and Savana Sharp.

Fifth grade – Chase Casto, Allison Fitzgerald, Erin Rider, Tanner Smith, Kaidence Cutlip and Ben Workman.

Green Bank Elementary-Middle School

Third grade – Amelia Rhodes, Trey Satler, Cora Seymour and Jayla Taylor.

Fourth grade – Johna Bennett, Julia Dennison, Dawson Deputy, Tess Johnston, Nadiya Kerr, Mazie Monico, Gracie Rhodes, Duncan Sizemore, Tristan Sizemore, Peyton Tingler and Kierara Vandevender.

Fifth grade – Thomas Arbogast, Nathanael Barkley, Clair Buzzard, Amber Defibaugh, Haley Moore, Baylee Nelson, Austin Price, Katelyn Stull, Allyson Taylor and Griffin Taylor.

Sixth grade – Dominic Bennett, Shayla Bennett, Jacob Bickford, Aydan Fedak, Wade Garber, Dylan Keller, Calli Propst and Cammie Warner.

Seventh grade – Jade Arbogast, Taylor Arnold, Florian Baudler, Trenton Brock, Miranda Gum, Ella Johnston, Willie O’Ganian, Gracie Sisler and MacKenzie Taylor.

Eighth grade – Mileya Bircher, Ashley Bussard, Madeline Ray, Mackenna Shinaberry and Olivia Vandevender.

Marlinton Middle School

Sixth grade – Ramona Hardy, Aylah Manahan, Silas Beezley, Nathaniel Wimer, Nolan Street and Gavin Malcom.

Seventh grade – Kirsten Friel, Ella Markl, Riley Pollack, Eden Smith, Courtney Waugh, Miya Johnson, Kaylee Pritt, Mallori McCoy, Megan Fitzgerald, Dillon Dunz, Hailey Fitzgerald, Shaylee Landis, Ryleigh Parker, Devon Burgess, Jasey Kramer, Brooklyn Moyers and Mya Workman.

Eighth grade – Clayton Burns, Andrea Alderman, Jessica Armstrong, Cameryn Boggs, Hannah Burks, Elizabeth Friel, Kimberly Underwood, Taiylor Hoke, Kynlee Wilfong, Daisy Shuttleworth, Cierra Sharp, Correanna Jordan, Haleena Hebb and Cheyenne Dean.

Pocahontas County High School

Ninth grade – Emily Rimm, Emma Riffe, Haley Spencer, Grace Beverage, Mason Solliday, Max O’Ganian, Melinda Beverage and Sydney Puffenbarger.

10th grade – Benjamin Dunz, Bracie Sheets, Daphne Hilleary, Ethan Armstrong, Hazel Riley, Macaden Taylor, Max Ervine, Nathaniel Evans, Rachel Burns and Sarah Warder.

11th grade – Alan Gibson, Autumn Lane, Cassidy Hardesty, Cheylin Woodruff, Chloe Hardesty, Emmalee Dean, Hadden Mick, Jennalee Meck, Joey Hajzer, Natalie Halterman, PJ Rittenhouse, Savannah McMillion, Sienna Bircher and Silas Riley.

12th – Alexa Taylor, Amelia Rose, Bill Hardesty, Brody Buzzard, Charity Morrison, Charity Warder, Dalton Hendrick, Daphne Duelley, Elizabeth Hefner, Emily Casto, Emmet Doolittle, Ginger Circosta, Hallie Kane, Isaac Mace, Jacob Taylor, Kaitlyn Moyers, Keira Riggsby, Kelly Pyne, Kira Bircher, Kylian Dennison, Laila Calhoun, Sage McLaughlin, Sarah Kelley and Sierra Rodriguez.

Beam also recognized Golden Horseshoe winners Gavin Walls, a student at Marlinton Middle School, and Cyrus Scott, of Green Bank Elementary-Middle School; and board of education student representatives, seniors Emmet Doolittle and Sierra Rodriguez.

Service Employee of the Year and Teacher of the Year winners were to be recognized at the event, as well.

Service Employee nominees were: Kim Rao, secretary at PCHS; Becki Davis, aide at MMS; Kim Beverage, aide at MES; Karrie Jack, aide at GBEMS; and Doris Sharp, cook at HES. 

Sharp was named the county Service Employee of the Year.

Teacher nominees were: Jeanette Wagner at MMS; Shannon Anderson at MES; Holly Cunningham at GBEMS; Gina Hardesty at HES and Emily McLaughlin at PCHS. 

McLaughlin was named the county Teacher of the Year.

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