Students shine at Social Studies Fair

Students shared their knowledge in the categories of anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, state, U.S. and world history, at the county socials studies fair March 8 at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank.

Projects receiving first place honors will move on to the Regional Social Studies Fair Saturday, March 19, at Western Greenbrier Middle School.

Division I

Anthropology, individual – first place, Haley Spencer, “Lead Like a 4-Her;” second place, Eden Smith, “The Calusa Indians;” and third place, Alexis Hoke, “Ancient Egyptian Culture.”

Economics, individual – first place, Willie O’Ganian, “Leapin’ Lemurs;” and second place, Sydney Puffenbarger, “Follow Your Inner Star.”

Geography, individual – first place, Amanda Burns, “Inside the Bermuda Triangle.”

Psychology, group – first place, Chase Green, Cheyenne Barb and Tristen O’Steen, “Why Do Animals Behave the Way They Do?”
Sociology, individual – first place, Kaylee Pritt, “Ride Sally Ride.”

Sociology, group – first place, Grace Beverage and Melinda Beverage, “Service Animals: More Than a Pet.”

State and Local, individual – first place, Jaryd Friel, “Mountain Top Angus;” second place, Clayton Burns, “The Hawks Nest Tunnel;” and third place, Jazzlyn Teter, “History of Snowshoe.”

State and Local, group – first place, Hannah Burkes and Elizabeth Friel, “MES in the 1980s vs. Now;” and second place, Easton Nelson and Jesse Defibaugh, “Logging in Pocahontas County.”

U.S. History, individual – first place, Mason Solliday, “The Swamp Fox;” second place, Robert Pritt, “Christ Kyle;” third place, Riley Pollack, “The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement;” and honorable mention, Kirsten Friel, “Women Barrel Racing.”

U.S. History, group – first place, Mya Workman and Cheyenne Dean, “History of Rodeo in America;” and second place, Hayle Kincaid and Heidi Kelley, “Milton Hershey.”

World History, individual – first place, Max O’Ganian, “Bombs Away;” second place, Kynlee Wilfong, “Crocodile Hunter;” third place tie, Ryan Roy, “Life of Blackbeard;” and Hannah Beverage, “Princess Miotowka;” and honorable mention, Jadyn Lane, “Who Was King Tut?”

Division II

Anthropology, individual – first place, Ty Cochran, “The Force, How Strong is it?;” second place tie, Hazel Riley, “White Terrorists?” and Jaylee Doss, “Harappa;” and third place, “Barry Bias, “What’s the Point?”

Economics, individual – first place, Sienna Bircher, “The Chocolate King;” second place, Cheylinn Woodruff, “Home Cooked vs. Fast Food Meals;” and third place, Jacob Taylor, “Country Meats.”

Economics, group – second place, Amelia Rose and Elizabeth Hefner, “AEP.”

Geography, individual – first place, Dakin Rexrode, “What Lies Beneath.”

Political Science, individual – first place, Kira Bircher, “The UGGly Truth;” and second place, Haylee Smith Hayhurst, “Misty Copeland.”

Political Science, group – first place, Sarah Warder and Rachel Burns, “The Rock: The Island of Political Change;” and second place, Lexi Price and Emily Henderson, “Should You Take the Shot or Not?”

Psychology, individual – first place, Rayna Smith, “Living with Alopecia Areata;” second place, Kiara Davis, “Anorexia Nervosa;” third place, Isabella Perera, “Mental Disorders;” and honorable mention, Max Ervine, “Schizophrenia.”

Psychology, group – first place, Kylian Dennison and Josie McCarty, “Bipolar Disorder;” second place, Carly Keatley and Emily Casto, “Schizophrenia;” and third place, Ryleigh Vaughn and Gillie Kelly, “Milgrim Experiment.”

Sociology, individual – first place, Alexa Taylor, “America’s Super Horse;” second place, Jessica Rexrode, “Barbie Really?!;” and third place, Jennalee Meck, “A Horse with a Ph.D.”

Sociology, group – second place, Violet McComb and Sage McLaughlin, “A Dog’s Real Purpose.”

State and Local History, individual – first place, Alan Gibson, “Mountain Meal;” and third place, Scout Tankersley, “Boo WV.”

State and Local History, group – second place, Sierra Barrett, William Feury, Talon Shuttleworth and Brandon Friel, “Snowshoe Mountain Resort: Family Fun 365 Days a Year!;” and third place, Anthony Totten and Wyatt VanBuren, “Bootlegging.”

U.S. History, individual – first place, Jacob Barkley, “The Best in Agriculture;” second place, Charity Morrison, “Life in the PBR;” and third place, Bill Hardesty, “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Drone.”

U.S. History, group – first place, Trevor Wilson and Devyn Young, “American Sniper: A True Hero;” second place, Joslyn Simmons and Katlyn Simmons, “Marshall, The Sports Tragedy;” and third place, Hannah Wall and Cassie Moats, “Women Heroes.”

World History, individual – first place, Makenna McKenney, “Irena Sendler Life in a Jar;” second place, Laila Calhoun, “Duct Tape;” and third place, Ethan Hamrick, “Wolves of the World.”

World History, group – first place, Margaret Combs and Kelly Pyne, “Irish Potato Famine.”

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