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Students compete in county Science Fair

The Pocahontas County Schools Science Fair was held December 12 at the Green Bank Observatory. Students in grades three through 12 presented projects in the categories of engineering, life sciences and physical science.

And the winners are:

Overall winners:

Elementary School: first place, Erin Ryder, Life Science, “Do we really need to wash our hands?;” second place, Luke Gainer, Life Science, “Moldy Food;” and third place, Kaylee Pritt, Physical Science, “Yummy Gummy Laboratory.”

Middle School: first place tie, Max Ervine, Physical Science, “Burning UP;” and Mateus Stitzinger, Physical Science, “Solar Power;” second place, Mason Soliday and Max O’Ganian, Physical Science, “It’s a Sticky Situation;” and third place, Jazzlyn Teter and Danielle Yingling, Physical Science, “Solar S’more.”

High School: first place, Sienna Bircher, Physical Science, “My River: Part III;” second place tie, Jennalee Meck, Life Sciences, “Traditional vs. Hydroponic Methods;” and Koby Green and Matthew Moore, Physical Science, “True Flight;” and third place, Colleen Buzzard and Kelly Pyne, Life Sciences, “Chilled to the Bone.”

Judges Choice Awards: Mackenzie Sewell, Engineering, “Balloon Powered Car;” Ramona Hardy and Silas Beezley, Physical Science, “The Speed Challenge;” and Mateus Stitzinger, Life Science, “Solar Power.”


Third grade: first place, Cyle Kelk.

Fourth grade: first place, Nevaeh Hook and Allison Friel; and second place, Mackenzie Sewell.

Fifth grade: first place, Megan Fitzgerald.

Sixth grade: first place, Breaunna Burgess; second place, Clayton Burns and Gavin Walls; and third place, Timmy Shiflett and Adam Workman.

Ninth grade: first place, Connor Spencer, Logan Hively and Glenn Malcomb; and second place, Brandon Burns and Hadden Mick.

Life Sciences

Third grade: first place, Erin Rider.

Fourth grade: first place, Luke Gainer; and second place, Austin Hilleary.

Fifth grade: first place, Willie O’Ganian; second place, Chase Green and Caleb Ritter; and third place, Courtney Waugh and Mason Simmons.

Sixth grade: first place, Maddie Ray.

Seventh grade: first place, Amanda Burns; second place, Hayley Spencer; and third place tie, Sarah Cole, and Braeden Hayhurst and Robert Pritt.

Eighth grade: first place, Mateus Stitzinger; second place, Rachel Burns and Sarah Warder; and third place, Iam Johnston.

Ninth grade: first place, Jennalee Meck; second place, Joey Hazjer; and third place, Cheylin Woodruff and Kierstin Taylor.

Tenth grade: first place, Colleen Buzzard and Kelly Pyne; and second place, Charity Morrison.

Eleventh grade: first place, Savannah Beverage and Josey Faris; and second place, Brienna Neilsen.

Physical Science

Third grade: first place, Alexis Arbogast, Molly Cook and Asa Marks; and second place, Colten Luikart.

Fourth grade: first place, Ramona Hardy and Silas Beezley; second place, Heather Cain and Mackenzie Green; and third place, Claire Burgess.

Fifth grade: first place, Kaylee Pritt; second place, Riley Pollack and Abby McClure; and third place tie, Trinity Bennett, and Jasey Gramer.

Sixth grade: first place, Kynlee Wilfong and Jersey Simmons; second place, Ciasha Waddell and Wyatt Hendrick; and third place, Mackenna Shinaberry.

Seventh grade: first place, Mason Solliday and Max O’Ganian; second place, Jazzlyn Teter and Danielle Yingling; and third place, Jax Osborne and Nacota Smith.

Eighth grade: first place, Max Ervine; second place, Hunter Curran and Sean Beverage; and third place, Jonathan Arbogast.

Ninth grade: first place, Sienna Bircher; second place, Emma Dean; and third place, Tessa Kiner and Cassidy Hardesty.

Tenth grade: first place, Koby Green and Matthew Moore; and second place, Kira Bircher and Jerica Reed.

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