See how they grow

Joel cubs following.web. 2nd one
MUFFIN AND WAFFLES, above, take a January stroll with Joel Rosenthal, owner of Point of View Farm at Beard.

Joel stroll with cubs summer,web. (1)
The cubs and Rosenthal are shown, above, on a walk in May. Rosenthal became a “mother” to the cubs last spring after their mother was killed.

These are just the latest cubs raised by Rosenthal and they will eventually be released into the wild. One of the first cubs was Rose, who gave birth two years ago to her cub, CD, in her manmade den at the farm. As she has every winter, Rose returned to Point of View a few weeks ago to settle in until spring.

Bears give birth every two years, so Rosenthal is hoping that Rose will add another cub to the family this winter. Photos by Terri Bradshaw and Ben Kallman

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