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Reporting from the trail

Local attorney Laura Finch and her black labrador, Shiloh, have embarked on an ambitious 300- mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. We are sharing a few updates from her adventure.

Laura said that she’s attempting to set a record for the self-supported “only known time” on the Allegheny Trail.

“I expect it to take about 20 days,” she said. “Self-supported means I won’t be accepting any help not publicly available once I start my hike, so suppress the urge to bring me a pizza!” 

Her mom dropped her off September 10 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and the adventure began.

Laura called from the road on her first day on the Appalachian Trail.

She and Shiloh had spent their first night in their tent in a primitive campground in Forbes State Park.

Laura said she and Shiloh had passed a “fairly tolerable first night.”

She’d been so tired that she’d slept pretty well, but Shiloh was up all night, looking out the front of the tent, listening to the night sounds and guarding her mistress.

From the Road:

Her second report included a selfie along with this note:

Day 4:

Stopped yesterday at Teter’s campground around 1:00 for a day of rest, mile 25.9.

Made it this morning to Albright, mile 27.3, where there is a small convenience store.

Hamburger never tasted so good. Continuing on toward Rowlesburg today.

Road walking on this portion of the trail has been tough, but worth the effort.

Preston County is beautiful!

Stay tuned for more from Laura and Shiloh, as they hike the Appalachian Trail.

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