Providing a beacon in the mountains

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

The universe has a way of placing people on the right path, and for Phil Dugas and Yvonne Cole, that path led to the creation of The Lighthouse Center, which will be established near the Inn at Mountain Quest in Frost.

The journey began last February when Dugas and Cole, still strangers, were on a trip in Egypt. As part of a group of 65, they found each other – on Valentine’s Day, no less – and found that they had much in common.

“It was very synchronistic in itself,” Dugas said. “I was living in Salt Lake City at the time, and, for three months, we talked about what we would love – and that was to live under one roof by a body of water. After three months of Skyping, we finally took some action steps.”

Cole flew to Salt Lake City and joined Dugas in his RV, and they drove to Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

But how did they find Frost? Well, call it kismet or destiny – whichever you prefer – but once again, the universe had a plan, and that plan connected the pair to Alex and Dave Bennet, owners of The Inn at Mountain Quest.

“Alex and Dave are very committed to supporting our vision because it’s very similar to theirs,” Dugas said. “They’ve partnered with us, and that’s how it all came about. It was just a series of synchronistic events that led us to where we are today.”

The vision is a center of inner healing and spiritual education.

“The Lighthouse Center is a facility that is intended to host some of the most powerful and educational modalities out there today – that we know about – and it supports people on many different levels,” Dugas said. “We have a whole litany of modalities that we will have there once the building is built, along with educational programs and venues that will support people expanding their awareness.”

Both Dugas and Cole are life coaches, Reiki masters and blessing givers. Cole is also an aromatherapist.

“I think, in general, we really want to support physical, mental and spiritual growth – one individual at a time. It’s really about the human connection,” Cole said. “We’re all connected, so we’re emphasizing that connection and how to live your life in harmony and peace, rather than conflict.”

After the center is built, classes and retreats will be offered for those seeking self-awareness, enlightenment and a connection to others and the environment.

“We have discovered that the name of the game, in supporting humanity and supporting the planet right now, is to help people get to higher states of awareness about themselves and about the world they live in,” Dugas said. “We come from the place that in order to clean up the environment on the exterior, we need to clean up the inner environment of the individual, which seems to be needed right now on many levels.”

The facility will include three small houses with faraday cage-lined walls for those who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, a bio-dome and a sweat lodge, as well as organic gardens.

“The gardens are going to support nutrition in ways that are going to support the body,” Dugas said. “It’s not just treating awareness with the mind, but it’s also keeping the body very healthy.”

The “farm” will also include free-range chickens and honey bees.

As veterans, both Dugas and Cole also hope to provide special programs for veterans who are looking for a better way of life.

The next step of the Lighthouse journey will take place on Earth Day, April 22, with a groundbreaking ceremony on the site of the new facility. The Center will be located within walking distance of Mountain Quest.

“We’ll be doing a benediction of the land,” Dugas said. “I’ve got a friend coming in that will be doing a Native American blessing for the bringing in of the four directions and just setting it up so we can take our next action step.”

Prior to the official groundbreaking, Dugas and Cole will host several events during Easter weekend, including a dinner Friday, April 19; yoga and meditation Saturday, April 20; and meditation and an Easter egg hunt  Sunday, April 21.

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