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Preserving Pocahontas

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Portrait of John Letcher “Squire” Hudson and Margaret Virginia Gillispie Hudson Family in front of the Hudson Home in Green Bank, W.Va. around 1905. Standing l to r: Laura, Ethel, Ward, Hattie, Edward, Ora (wife of Edward), Harper, Docea (wife of Harper), Clara, Luther, Lucy. Seated l to r: John Letcher “Squire” Hudson, Mack, Ruth, Margaret Virginia Gillispie Hudson. Courtesy of Tony Byrd, ID: PHP001436

Access the “Preserving Pocahontas” Digital Library at or preservingpocahon If you have historical records or photographs to be scanned for the county Historical Archive contact Preservation Officer B. J. Gudmundsson at 304-799-3989 or email Prints of photographs are available.

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