Preserving Pocahontas

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Sisters Gladys and Marjorie Warwick were the children of Otis D. Warwick and Annie May Carter Warwick, married June 28, 1893. Gladys Marie, pictured on the left, was born October 17, 1895 at Green Bank. Marjorie Lucille was born February 27, 1900 at West Union. Another sister, Jewell Dent, would be born in 1905 at Huntersville. Their father was the great-great grandson of the pioneer John Warwick who settled near Green Bank in the 1760s, and was born on a section of the Warwick lands near “Warwick Fort.” Preserving Pocahontas, Pearl Carter Collection, ID: PHP001652

Access the “Preserving Pocahontas” Digital Library at www.pocahontasprese or If you have historical records or photographs to be scanned for the county Historical Archive contact Preserva tion Officer B. J. Gudmundsson at 304-799-3989 or email info@pocahontasp Prints of photographs are available.

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