Preserving Pocahontas

Painting of Joseph Wooddell Home

This is a photograph of a painting made from a sketch. It is the home of Joseph Wooddell, which was located near what is now Green Bank. The photo was contributed by Dusty Wooddell, who also sent along this story as told by Mary Margaret Wooddell-Darby.

“Here is how that painting came about. My youngest brother Jim’s oldest step-daughter was a gifted artist even as a teenager. In the 60s she sat down (several times) with my Dad (Forest) and sketched while he described the log house in which he was born – and where the children of each generation from Joseph, down to him (Dad) were born. Dad would have lived in that house until he was circa 12 years old, and had vivid memories of it. My middle brother (Forrest Harold) took the drawing with him to South America (Chile) where he was stationed at the time (USAF), and sought out a professional artist to reproduce the drawing into an oil painting.” Courtesy of Dusty Wooddell, ID: PHP003189

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