Bruffey Reunion – 1933

Bruffey Reunion at Bruffey Creek Church August 26, 1933.  First row l to r: Bill Williams, Remus Williams, George Clendenin, Jr., Ike Williams.  Second row: Rumus Bruffey, Lorn Dale Clutter (baby), Jim Bruffey, Thompson Clutter, Preston Sisler, Birdie Sisler, Lucy Bruffey, Tom Bruffey, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Maggie Ruckman, Stella Bruffey.  Third row: Ellen Bruffey, Ivor Bruffey, Ivy Clendenin, Pearl Williams, Birdie Harouff, Virginia Anderson, Lakie Anderson, Tom Whiting and wife, unknown, Carl Bruffey, ? Ruckman, Maxie Clutter, Newton Clutter, Coe Clutter.  Fourth row: Vinton Clutter, Nila Clutter, Desire Harouff, Gladys Bruffey, Irene Bruffey, Nannie Hill, Ida Clendenin, Lou Harouff, Minnie Bruffey, Bob Williams, Page Clutter, Diga Anderson, unknown, Jim Williams.  Fifth row: Newman Harouff, Claude Bruffey, Clifford Williams, Nellie Harouff, Marie Anderson. Courtesy of Lakie McMillion, ID: PHP000358

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