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Preserving Pocahontas

A.W. Moore’s Diary

This handwritten page from A.W. Moore’s Diary describes winter weather on his farm from January 13 to April 6, 1856.

Andrew Washington Moore was the grandson of the Pioneer, Moses Moore, who settled about 1770 on Ewings Creek, now Knapps Creek, between Frost and Minnehaha Springs. These diary entries have been transcribed and read as follows:

The winter of 1856 was very cold, started to snow in Dec.

Jan 13, 1856. Sunday it is partly cloudy and snowing some. The last week has been very cold. Yesterday it snowed all day and the snow is nearly knee deep.

Jan 20, Sunday it is cloudy and snowing. When I wrote last it was snowing, it snowed till Wed.

Feb 3, Sunday it is partly clear and very cold. It has been very cold for six weeks and the ground covered with snow. The snow has a great crust on so that you can hardly get about.

Mar 16, Sun. it is cloudy and snowing. It has been a cold week has been 82 days the ground has been covered with snow. I am nearly out of feed. It looks distressing.

Mar 23, Easter Sun. It is thawing some. Yesterday it snowed all day – I have been browsing my cattle for some time. I have cut nearly all the sugar trees I have to spare. My cattle are getting very poor. Food can not be bought at any price.

Mar 30, Sun. it is cloudy and cold. It has been a cold week. I am out of feed. I am feeding on meal 20 calves, 10 cows and 2 year olds.

Apr 6. Sun., it is the prettiest Sun. that has been for 4 months. Last Thurs. most of the snow went off which made 100 days the ground was covered. Snow is not all gone on the north sides. On Cheat Mountain it is said the snow is from 15 to 20 ft deep. Preserving Pocahontas Document Collection, ID: PHD000007


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