Preserving Pocahontas


Charlie Grose House – Huntersville

This house was built by Charlie Grose on land he owned in Huntersville. The property is bordered by Sheets Road on the left, Rt. 39 on the front, and Schoolhouse Lane on the right. The house was purchased by Carl Nelson and Amy Martha Hand in 1938. Originally from New York, Carl N. Hand is credited with starting the chemical industry in Nitro, W.Va. His Ohio-based company was sold to Monsanto Chemical prior to his purchase of the Grose House, and he went to work for Monsanto. He and his wife lived in Charleston and used the Huntersville home as their second residence. Carl Hand died in 1942 and the house was purchased by Latelle M. LaFollet, Sr. It was later sold to Raymond Gibson and then to Acel Rider. The Charlie Grose House was destroyed by fire in 2009. Courtesy of Laura Defibaugh McLaughlin, ID: PHP000962

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