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On February 4 the Pocahontas County Extension Service and Pocahontas Memorial Hospital hosted a “Love Your Heart” Luncheon to raise awareness of National Heart Health Month.

Heart and blood vessel disease is our nation’s number 1 killer.  About half of the deaths from heart and blood vessel disease are from coronary heart disease, which includes heart attack.  According to the American Heart Association, about 325,000 people a year die of coronary attack before they get to a hospital or emergency room.  West Virginia ranks fourth among all states in the nation for heart disease death rates.

Attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch featuring healthy “red” foods and shared an hour of fellowship and education on the signs of a heart attack and how we can lower our risk of heart disease.  Handouts, giveaways and door prizes were all part of the fun.

If you suspect a heart attack is happening to you or another person, call 9-1-1 immediately.  Do not delay seeking help.  The American Heart Association reports that half of all people having a heart attack wait more than two hours before getting help.  A delay seeking help is dangerous and can result in lasting damage to your heart or even death.

Don’t “wait it out.”

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