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October Weather

October has been the wettest month of the year by far. Temperatures were very close to average. Normally the driest month of the year has turned out to be the wettest. Total rainfall was 4.97 inches.

That is 188 percent of the average October precipitation of 2.54 inches. However, total precipitation for the year is only 27.37 inches or 76 percent of average.  Normal precipitation through October is 36.22 inches. This was the third wettest October in 23 years of record keeping.

The average high temperature was 59.3 degrees, and the average low temperature was 37.4 degrees. The mean of 48.4 degrees was 0.2 degrees below normal.

The highest temperature was 75 degrees on October 28, and the lowest temperature was 24 degrees on the last day of the month. On October 27 the temperature went from 29 degrees to 74 degrees on a clear day. These movements usually occur in April and October.

There was an amazing blood moon just before dawn on October 8.

A killing frost of 27 degrees occurred on October 20.

My weather prediction is for another colder and snowier winter – making it the sixth one out of the past seven.

If El Nino materializes in the south Pacific, temperatures could be somewhat warmer but more moisture produces more snow.

If El Nino shows up, it is usually present at Christmastime.

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