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Leyzorek and Pritt on ballot by petition
Voters in the November General Election will find two names on the ballot which did not appear in the May Primary race.
According to records in the Pocahontas County Clerk’s office, John Leyzorek, of Marlinton, filed a petition and paid the filing fee to have his name added to candidates running for Pocahontas County Commission. Leyzorek will run as a Constitution Party candidate.
Johnny Pritt, of Marlinton, filed a petition and paid the filing fee to have his name added as a candidate for Pocahontas County Assessor. Pritt will run as an Independent.
Leyzorek’s petition had 53 “acceptable” signatures, while Pritt had 71. Acceptable signatures are those of legitimate voters in the county, and must be equal to not less than one percent of the entire votes cast at the last preceding general election….but in no event shall the number be less than 25.
August 1 was the deadline for a candidate to file to have his or her name added to the ballot, however anyone wishing to run as a write-in candidate has until September 20 to certify for office. Write-in candidates do not pay a filing fee.

Brunch Bill SB298
After receiving the go-ahead from the Pocahontas County Commission last week, the Brunch Bill, SB 298, will be on the ballot in November. The bill is already in effect in cities and towns that have Home Rule, but county-wide implementation requires approval by the voters. The 1 p.m. law will remain in effect with regard to the sale of “carry-out” alcohol – sales from convenience stores, etc.
The Secretary of State provides language as it will appear on the ballot:
“Shall the beginning hour at which non-intoxicating beer, wine and alcoholic liquor be sold or dispensed for on-premises consumption only, in Pocahontas County on Sundays be changed from one o’clock p.m. to ten o’clock a.m.
If approved by the voters this would allow private clubs and restaurants licensed to sell and dispense non-intoxicating beer, wine and alcoholic liquor; licensed private wine restaurants, private wine spas, private wine bed and breakfasts to sell and dispense wine; and licensed Class A retail dealers to sell and dispense non-intoxicating beer for on-premises consumption only beginning at ten o’clock a.m. Additionally, if approved, it would also allow any mini-distilleries, wineries or farm wineries in the county to offer complimentary samples for on premises consumption only beginning at ten o’clock a.m.”
[ ] Yes [ ] No

Perseid meteor shower
Richard Talcott, of Astronomy Magazine says “You can expect to see up to 150 shooting stars per hour when 2016’s best meteor shower peaks the night of August 11/12.
The best views will come in the predawn hours of Friday morning, August 12, after the waxing gibbous Moon sets around 1 a.m. local daylight time. The spectacle will continue to improve as dawn approaches because the shower’s radiant — the spot on the border between the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia where the meteors appear to emanate from — climbs higher.

Phone scam
Please be advised that the IRS “lawsuit” scam is making the rounds in the county again.
Scam artists call numbers at random claiming that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against the person.
A reader called in to report the name and number that appeared on her caller ID to be Shawn Miller; 347-349-7449.
If you receive a call from someone claiming to represent the IRS, Social Security, Medicare or any federal agency, do not give out your personal info.
These agencies will not contact you by phone or email.
Scammers are working overtime to try to find new “identity theft” tricks.

Don’t fall for them.
Report any suspicious phone calls or emails to the sheriff’s department, 304-799-4445, to this newspaper, 304-799-4973, or Allegheny Mountain Radio, 304-799-6004.
We can’t stop the scams, but we can warn our neighbors.

Scam by mail
Last week readers reported receiving a pink notification in the mail advising them that they were eligible for a back or knee brace. The phone number on the card was 1-866-526-4274.
This week – green notifications began arriving in the county. Information on the card includes the name “Center for Back Pain” and the phone number, 1-855-980-7233. The message states that the recipient is eligible for a Medicare and insurance approved back or knee support system, and should verify by phone.
It goes without saying – Throw the notification in the trash. Do not call the number. Do not give anyone your personal information.

State Fair opens Friday
The 92nd Annual State Fair of West Virginia is set to begin Friday, August 12. The 10-day event will feature top-name musical acts, plenty of free entertainment, livestock shows, carnival rides from Reithoffer’s Shows and one-of-a-kind fair food.
“We are excited to open the gates this Friday,” State Fair CEO Kelly Collins said. “This year we have several new things going on, including free admission to all kids fifth grade and under. We’ve also added a new mobile app that will allow fairgoers to purchase and scan tickets directly from their phones.”
“The Pride of West Virginia” Mountaineer Marching Band will perform a free benefit concert Saturday, August 20, at 1 p.m., in the Bluegrass Bowl.
The concert is free with paid gate admission, but donations will be accepted. All donations will go directly to schools in the state who lost instruments and equipment during the flood.

Someone was there to see it
Phillip Cain, of Marlinton, had a good day at the Pocahontas County Country Club Sunday. He took a “blind shot” on the Par 3 #5 hole – a 177 footer – and made a hole in one.
Cain said it was the second hole in one on #5 for him, but he was golfing alone the first time, so no one witnessed it.
He had plenty of witnesses Sunday – Danny Kellison, Fred Burns, Jr., John Mutscheller, Dan Wooldridge and Eugene Underwood.
Kellison reported the feat to The Pocahontas Times. He labeled it a matter of “public interest.”

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