Mayor’s Corner

By Marlinton Mayor Sam Felton

A review of the responsibilities of the Town of Marlinton’s water customers:
1. Customers are responsible for the condition of their plumbing.
2. Customers are responsible for the service line that leads from the curb stop (where it is connected to the water utilities’ line) across their property and into their residence.
3. Customers are responsible for repairing any water leaks within their residence as well as their service line going from the meter pit to their residence.
4. Customers are responsible for paying their bill upon receipt but no less than within thirty (30) days after receipt. In addition, the customer should advise the utility if the postal service does not deliver the bill and provide the utility with a current deliverable address.
5. The customer must keep the meter pit or box accessible and clear of any debris. This must be kept accessible for the utility at all times. Automobiles parked over the meter lid are a violation of the Rules and the vehicle can be towed at the owner’s expense.
6. Customers have no right to be in the meter well for any reason. That is technically trespassing on the utility property. Any leaks that occur in the meter well are the responsibility of the utility to repair. If the water consumption is recorded by the meter, then customers are eligible for an adjustment after complying with the leak adjustment policy of the utility.
7. Customers can be held accountable for any damage or misuse of the utilities’ property. The meter and the pit are the utilities’ property and the customers are not allowed in the meter box. If the customer’s meter should be damaged or tampered with, the guilty party could be charged under State Code 61-3-44 (Procuring gas, water, or electricity, by device, with intent to defraud) and State Code 61-3-45 (Tampering with pipes, tubes, wires, or electrical conductors).
Together the utility and customers must co-operate with each other to achieve the best quality of water and water service which is expected by all. If the utility has a good educational and public relations program, then it can expect to have very satisfied customers
Info provided by the PSC Water and Wastewater Division.

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