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Mayor’s Corner

With tongue in cheek; I remember once thinking that in a town the size of Marlinton, rather than elections, what if every three or four years, one could go across the street, and tell a neighbor, “Now, it’s your turn!”
Wouldn’t that spread the fun?
It would be like our recent RoadKill Cook-off. That way, everyone could get a taste.
I do believe that we, like Esther in the Holy Scripture, are here for such a time as this. So, whether elected or just picked, we should each do our part, to the best of our ability.
LESSON: We don’t always get to pick who we want, but, we must exercise our right to vote November 8.
Meanwhile, at the Mayor’s office; It is calls in, calls out. Letters in, letters out. Filing of phone numbers, email addresses and contact information. Daily, I add to a To-Do 3-C list of Citizens, Complaints and Concerns covering some very interesting topics. For instance: What to do with certain animals, boundaries, disputes, smells, trash, water leaks, parking here/not parking there. Come on in sometime. It might make you feel better about what God is calling you to do.
Again for your information:
Last week:
Monday – Bill collection follow-up. Plus another busy day leading up to council meeting.
Tuesday – Spoke at the Domestic Violence Awareness ceremony at gazebo. It was well attended.
Wednesday – Went and picked up a $1,242.80 cylinder for back hoe. Attended PCSC board training. Attended School Board levy meeting in the evening.
Thursday – Attended Career Day at PCHS. (everyone needs to go back to school at least once a year).
Friday – Purchased a walk-behind DR brush-hog that will be used for cleanup around lagoons.
Another project that I have been involved in, for more than a year, is a DOT signage program. Cara Rose and I recently met with a DOH Engineer with regard to the program. We have looked at possible locations for signage, following examples and guidelines that have to do with Tourist-Oriented – Specific Services. This includes Logo food and fuel, and other applications. It is all about looking at directive and informational traffic signage that could benefit our area over time. The problem is worse than you might think. Cell coverage is limited at best.
Also, you should know that Snowshoe traffic coming from the south and east is literally routed around Marlinton, by various GPS systems. Because of one mile.
We believe that “Marlinton is worth going the extra mile” and would love to see a sign that says so. However, we are not quitting. Even though our meeting with the engineer ended with more questions than answers. We are planning a trip to Charleston as soon as possible in hopes of finding positive answers that could bring more visitors through our town. An extra 100 cars per day would mean more business for local businesses.

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