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Mayor’s Corner

Every day has its share of filing, computer entry, return calls, answering and/or forwarding emails and the like. Obviously, I would like to lay out a part of my plans for each week. But, as plans – and more importantly, intended results – are often subject to change at a moment’s notice, the best I can do is to share some of what has happened during last week:
Monday – followup repairs and modification to the water plant Knapps Creek intake. This was continued from the previous week. Certain changes were made to screens in an attempt to keep out some of the debris that makes its way into the intake. This is pretty much an ongoing issue. As we move into fall, leaves and twigs tend to make their way downstream and a certain number invariably find their way to the intake.
The First Avenue alley was graded and a ditch drainage cleaned out in that area.
Committee work on certain ordinances continues.
I attended a meeting at the Library with Farmers Market vendors and other interested persons. The Farmers Market is a program that all in attendance want to see continue. The people who take part, week after week, work hard to keep things going. But, they have issues that affect most of our county’s programs and business. In order to assure continued success, the Farmers Market needs more vendors, more volunteers, and more customers. Some suggestions were presented to attract each. The small population of our county makes it a wonderful place to live and a difficult place to make a living. As often as possible, we all need to support the Farmers Market in each of our respective areas. Finally, Monday always means completion of the Mayor’s Corner. Someway, it manages to happen during the day.
Tuesday – more discussion with regard to intake valve repair and/or modification at the water plant. Also, this was day one of two days the DEP was in town conducting extensive inspections and water sample testing. This particular inspection, at this level, takes place once every five years. I was involved in discussion and preparation of legal notices for two separate public meetings – set for September 26 and 27. A discussion about site-selection and planning for the Frank Gravely Memorial at Mountain View Cemetery took place. Also, I have talked with individuals about ideas for financing improvement projects at the cemetery in the coming year. Additional committee work regarding IPMC requirements is in progress.
Wednesday – Read over agenda items in preparation for Region 4 meeting. Meeting with attorney. Meeting with RoadKill festival officers concerning requests. Attended Region 4 executive meeting in its Summersville office. Returned home about 9 p.m.
Thursday – Discussed Notice of Violations (NOVs) with Jim Mitchem, CSO, following DEP inspection earlier in the week. FYI: one violation had to do with chlorine residual, which allows a maximum level that cannot be measured beyond 1 or more. Some of our reported numbers were in the .02-.04 range. At least one reading was a .07 level. The Violation = DEP’s computer program rounds up anything over .05 to 1, thus making it a violation. The Solution = in the future, we must identify reading as “less than one,” rather than use the actual reading. Also, on this day, the town crew followed up on other possible water leaks. I attended the Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting at McClintic Library and visited the cemetery at three different times on three different missions.
Friday – the Town added stone to the First Avenue parking area for Saturday’s activities. The crew placed dumpsters, bleachers, picnic tables, and other items for the Autumn Harvest Festival and RoadKill Cook-off.
Saturday – Autumn Harvest Festival and RoadKill Cook-off. I want to commend everyone who worked on this for making the event such a success. I had the privilege of announcing the Storefront Contest winners: First place was awarded to The Flower Garden; second place, The Mason Jar; and third place went to Pendleton Community Bank.
Kudos to GoMarlinton and Family Resource Network for putting together the contest, and to the 22 business that participated – that really made Marlinton the winner. Also, thanks to the judges who struggled to come up with the winners. They relayed that all the entries were beautiful. The thought of an Honorable Mention was considered, but, they decided there were too many Honorable Entries to mention.
So, the final thought was to stick with the initial guidelines and possibly add categories to the contest for next year. And speaking of next year – Mr Charles Northcott, of BBC News, was in town Friday and Saturday. He was blown away by the festivities and the community itself. As a matter of fact, if it were not for one T-shirt –worn by a one young man, who could think of no other more absolute way to broadcast his own personal ignorance and disrespect – it may have been described as a perfect day.
Nevertheless, is was a good day and episodes like this remind me that we must learn from the mistakes of others. None of us will live long enough to make them all ourselves.

Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock. Acts 20:28

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