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Dogs, deer, damages
and other things

The memory of my mom continues in the first of this week’s topics:
I love dogs and especially larger dogs. Always have. My first best friend on the family farm in Barbour County was a collie named Fannie. When, as a four-or-five year old boy, I would get out of Mom’s sight; she would not call for me. She would call the dog, and I would be close behind.
Outside of town, it is easier to have pets. In-town pets require more care. Personally, I don’t like to fence-in or tie an animal for long periods of time, which is the reason we don’t have a dog at my house. In any case, pets require an owner to take responsibility.
Monday morning, we had a horrible situation in town – a situation that all dog owners need to think about.
A lady, who had recently suffered a broken bone, was walking her little dog on a leash, as she does every day. Two other neighborhood dogs were loose and viciously attacked her dog. In the process of protecting her pet, she was knocked down and seriously bitten. Consequently, she will spend the night in the hospital.
This lady did not do anything wrong. She had never caused any harm to anybody and, yet, she was viciously bitten by another neighbor’s dogs, as she walked her dog. Worse yet, she will always remember this and will never feel safe walking her dog again.
Also, these types of dogs should never be trusted around infants or small children. Check your insurance coverage if you keep this type of animal. My insurance company once notified me that they were not responsible for certain types of biting dogs.
LESSON: owners must be responsible for the actions of their pets.
On August 10, the Special Public Meeting was held to discuss the proposed (Bow-only) Deer Hunt within the corporate limits of The Town of Marlinton. Councilmen Norris Long and Adam Irvine had talked with property owners about special deer management program options. Participants will follow all requirements, keeping Safety in mind each step of the way. The meeting was held without opposition. Accordingly, the Marlinton Town Council approved implementing the program for this fall – Saturday, September 3, through Saturday, December 31, 2016.
Case in point: I had seven deer roaming in my lawn this morning, and I have seen deer cross Main Street between The Flower Garden and First Citizens Bank.

Other things
Please be advised that any person messing with or tampering with water meters or water connections, (or any other utility), with the intent to evade payment of the same shall be guilty of, and upon conviction thereof, be jailed or fined or both.
{61-3-44 – my interpretation paraphrased.
The Marlinton Building Maintenance Board (MBMB) continues to work on specific SOPs, policies, and protocols with regard to various complaints. For your information, The Town of Marlinton has developed a Citizen Concern Form (CCF). Come by the window with your concerns. You can fill out a CCF. We will prioritize and hopefully handle your concern before it becomes a full-blown complaint.
Final reminder: A FEMA News Release states: There are good reasons to apply for an SBA loan before the August 24 deadline. SBA offers low-interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, and businesses of all sizes for physical damage from the storms that occurred June 22-29. Some of the top reasons include:
· renters and homeowners may be eligible to borrow up to $40,000 to repair or replace clothing, furniture, appliances and damaged vehicles.
· A future insurance settlement may fall short.
· You are not required to accept a loan even if you qualify for one.
· Interest rates on SBA loans may be more affordable than you think. If you need help completing your loan application call the SBA at 800-659-2955 or send an email to

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