Mayor’s Corner

As most of you know, the Marlinton July 4th activities were canceled. GoMarlinton had planned to dip ice-cream and the Chamber of Commerce planned to give away free watermelon. Lord willing, we’ll try again next year. Meantime, watch for an alternate date in August before schools start.
That being said, the Scouts were not intimidated by the weather. They exhibited their strengths in a Tough-Man Contest and chose to carry out their action plan. They sold hotdogs – and they were good. It looked as though it was time well-spent. Hats off to Brad Dunz and Sam Gibson and their hard working troop.
The 50th Pioneer Days went off without any major mishap – so far as I know. That is a good thing. Suggestions should be made to committee members as follow-up. Several people keep asking me if there will be a 51st. The question always has a ring of “I hope so.”
Just so you know, The Pioneer Days Board of Directors runs Pioneer Days. The Town of Marlinton has always helped in whatever way we can, but, it is the Board’s show.
For the record, I hope Pioneer Days gets even better. But when people who attend the festival won’t buy a three dollar badge to support the festival – it does make you wonder. One thing is sure, what kind of a festival it will be in the future depends on volunteers to do the work and the funding to make it happen.
Even after 50 years, many people do not realize that Badge Sales could be a huge factor with regard to funding. For instance, the car show had 67 cars this year and ended $27.88 in the red. That is about as close as it can be cut without raising entry fees. The Pioneer Days committee will meet in August to go over details. Those facts and statistics are used to begin planning for next year. Early planning and fundraising following that meeting will help to make the 51st Annual Pioneer Days a reality.
All these activities remind me and I want to remind you – We live in the greatest county in the greatest country. The Declaration of Independence articulates the fundamental ideas that formed the American nation: All men are created free and equal and possess the same inherent, natural rights. We can plan and hold festivities as we want to and complain about it, as some will.
A week after the fact, it is good to recall the Declaration of Independence announced to the world the unanimous decision of the 13 American colonies to separate themselves from Great Britain.
It is interesting. Great Britain having found itself in a similar position, has recently decided to opt out of the European Union.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The Americans’ final appeal was not to any man-made decree. These rights are found in the eternal “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” which states that a Law against Nature – and Natures God, is fundamentally wrong to begin with. As such, the Declaration’s meaning transcends the particulars of time and circumstances. As Americans we need to read, remember and uphold our founding documents and say “no” to those who seek to distort them.
Our Freedom and Liberty are worth defending.

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