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Mayor’s Corner

Dear Property Owner(s);
All Town of Marlinton property owners may not be aware of the impact that vacant or abandoned buildings have on our community. Vacant structures throughout the town send a negative message to visitors and passersby, and also destroy property values for the entire area. Some of these blighted properties are for sale, while others sit with no action or incentive on the part of the property owner(s) to remedy the situation.
The Town has determined that unmonitored or vacant buildings present fire hazards and may create conditions which provide temp- orary occupancy by transients, including drug users and traffickers. These buildings also detract from private and/or public efforts to rehabilitate or maintain surrounding properties. Such conditions require that the health, safety and welfare of the public are better served by the regulation of vacant buildings and properties.
Certain rates, rules and regulations which govern fees for sewage services provided by the Town have been on file with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia, since August 8, 2009. PSC W.Va. Tariff No.7 Section (C,1) of the rules contains the following category titled Unmetered Charge, based upon a minimum amount, regardless of occupancy, stating: “No bill will be rendered for less than the following amounts: $34.37 per two months at a metered location and $77.33 per two months at an unmetered location. As of July 1, 2016, the Town will start enforcing this regulation to help offset lost revenues which vacant structures have cost the Town and other property owners. The July/August 2016 billing cycle will reflect this charge, with this letter serving as the required thirty (30) day notice
The Town of Marlinton will also begin enforcing its Yard/Grass Ordinance, and if not taken care of by the property owner, the Town will periodically cut overgrown grass on vacant or unattended properties at a minimum charge of $60 per mowing, which will be billed to the property owner(s). Unpaid bills will result in the filing of a lien on affected properties which may hinder a sale of transfer of the same.
Thank you for your attention to these matters.
Mayor Sam Felton and Marlinton Town Council

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