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Mayor’s Corner

More stuff you never think about until you’re an ol’ gray Mayor!
This week, I begin by making you aware that government is even in government’s pockets. The Town already pays its share of various governmental fees – from a $50 fee to the Department of Labor for an Elevator/Lifting Device certificate of operation to $500 to the Division of Environmental Protection for our annual  NPDES Permit. 
Now, beginning July 1, the Town will begin to pay $2,500 per month to the DEP on consent order #8455, totaling $30,000 ­– Thirty Thousand Dollars!
This is for infractions that I have referenced a couple of times in past issues. After, 10 months of numerous calls /letters/emails to representatives regarding these DEP sanctions, I don’t like to say, “I give up,” but, Friday, I gave up…”
Once again, I was up against a deadline, and it seemed like it was time to bite the bullet and get this issue behind us.
Please remember this order has been reduced by $93,500 from its original amount – and that reduction came about without the aid of an attorney.
Some thought I should be satisfied with that.
I want you to know – I am not satisfied.
The Town could complete many more projects with the $30,000. That amount would lay a lot of water pipe; it could replace fire hydrants or make repairs on sewer issues across the river. Maybe even playground equipment at the Knapp Creek dam.
What a shame.
As you discuss this with others, it could be likened to finding and fixing a bad tailpipe on your vehicle and getting a ticket after the repairs had been made.
It is no wonder citizens are upset with the system.
 On a lighter note: the new hanging flower baskets look nice, but they take a lot of work and will cost the Town approximately $320 per month to water. We are on a schedule to water plants beginning at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
If you know of any volunteers – please send them by the Mayor’s office.
SMILE – We have installed Duck Crossing signs at each end of the bridge. 
EXTRA – A recent house fire in Marlinton was a stark reminder –“smoke detectors” are not only a good idea for every residence – they are required by law in every rental property.
Also, be sure to change batteries twice a year when Daylight Saving Time comes and go.
A good alternative for new purchases of smoke-detectors is a sealed system that has a 10-year battery enclosed. When you figure the cost of batteries, they are a good investment.

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