Mayor’s Corner

The last two weeks, I have tried to explain the concerns and reality of the Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department and how the Town of Marlinton wants to be fair and impartial as we plan for the future. Consequently, I have had visitors, calls and letters since last week’s Mayor’s Corner. Some voiced their concerns with regard to accountability of funds and how they are to be spent. These will be all of our concerns going forward. So far, each person has been receptive to paying a fair share.
A special meeting with the Fire Department is set for Monday, May 9, at 6 p.m. to go over contract issues and other concerns that may arise. The meeting will take place in Council Chambers, unless we have to move into the auditorium.
As you will read in the council news from Monday night’s meeting, the council took action to begin the process to raise the residential Fire Fee to $50 for the year beginning July 1, 2016. The increased fee will be sent to all who are currently paying a $25 fee. This is all residences in the Town of Marlinton and (now) 389 others from outside the city limits who chose to voluntarily pay their fair share.
Again, these folks are the salt of the earth and make me glad that I live where I live – thank you.
Included here are the facts as presented last week:
Over the last three year period, 82 percent of calls are from outside the municipal limit. Actually, 89 percent in 2014.
For out-of-town fires, the MVFD maintains a 1986 Tank Truck. When the time comes, it will cost approximately $300,000 dollars to replace it.
More severe traffic accidents and the specialty equipment they require are used outside town limits.
The importance of maintaining a Class V Rating. A lesser rating would affect future insurance premiums, costing each of us more than an annual fire fee.
Homeowners who have not paid a Fire Fee will be charged on an individual basis when fire services are required.
First response area property owners should express their thoughts and concerns as we make plans for the future.
Please – no phone calls, unless you are calling to make an appointment to come to the office.
Please mail or email your opinions and concerns to:
Town of Marlinton
709 Second Avenue
Marlinton, WV 24954 or
Working toward a better community.
Respectfully Yours,

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