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Marlinton Town Council candidate forum


Candidates for Marlinton Town Council attended a candidate forum Thursday evening hosted by the Marlinton Woman’s Club. Following are video clips from the event.

Question 1: Why do you want to be a town council member/mayor? [Note: Adam Irvine’s answer at the beginning was cut off inadvertently. We apologize for the error.]

Question 2: What is the responsibility of the mayor/town council in promoting economic development?

Question 3: What are the most serious concerns facing Marlinton?

Question 4: If elected, what is the first thing you would propose to under take to improve the town’s economy?

Question 5: If elected, would you enforce the existing ordinances concerning property with unmown grass and/or cluttered with debris/junk?

Question 6: Concerning the land/parking lot next to the Opera House – how do you propose to develop it – for example as a community green area or garden.

Question 7: What is your position on the proposed fire fee?

Question 8: Are you happy with our current policing arrangement? If not, how would you change it?

Question 9: The Depot and its property, including the “oldest house” have sat unfinished and vacant for some time now. Understanding that this property is not owned by the town, yet its use for business could greatly benefit the town, what would you propose to do, if elected, that would encourage the current owners to complete their projects and put the property to use?

Question 10: How do you plan to increase the sense of community and civic engagement within the town of Marlinton?

Question 11: How do you plan to address the need for a grocery store in town for those without transportation?

Question 12: How do you propose to include lower income families and those with disabilities in the dialogue related to community improvement?

Question 13: What is your opinion on expanding town limits so more residents can vote and be more involved in town issues? [Note: Do to camera difficulties, Joe Smith’s answer was only partially recorded. We apologize for the error.]

Question 14: Please provide us with your final comments and explain why we should vote for you.

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