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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

If you are in business within the corporate limit of the Town of Marlinton, you are required to have both a State and a Town Business License. You can obtain a classification chart from the Town Office to determine the appropriate Business and Occupational (B&O) Tax Rate for your particular business.

– – –

Tips to save on plumbing repairs: Don’t dump any kind of cooking oil or grease down your drains. If you do, you are asking for sewer and plumbing problems. If the grease does make it out of your system, it creates a tremendous mess in the Town’s system – particularly at the lift stations where these maintenance and repairs can eventually cost every user in higher sewage rates. Also, flushable wipes and sanitary napkins are not necessarily flushable.

– – –

Today, we say our youth are our future, and they are.

We believe our youth are our greatest asset, and they are.

But, in all my memory, parents, grandparents and friends grew to accept that our youth would have to leave our state for work.

Parents wished it was not necessary.

Some youth may not have wanted to leave home, but, for that good job, they did what they had to do.

This was once upon a time, when work was an expected priority and youth could not wait to get that first real job.

In those days, no young man or woman could ever imagine trying to get through life without working.

Not that many years ago, young graduates would, with great anticipation, leave home and family for work.

Jobs are an important and necessary fact of life.

What is different now?

Economy, ideals, the way we go about things?

We have made the creation of jobs too hard and the elimination of work too easy.

Today, too many young people approaching adulthood are at home and on drugs.

– – –

The next time you drive to Beckley, you should consider that I-64 stopped at the Sam Black Church exit for a decade, because of wetlands and cattails between there and Dawson. Finally, the highway connected and the cattails continue to grow on both sides and between the lanes.

The next time you drive from Elkins to I-79, you should know that Corridor-H ended just west of Buckhannon for more than two decades, while a similar battle raged – because of a wetlands issue.

Finally, the highway opened.

I wonder how many protesters of what would be the new road continue to use the old route today.

The point?

Will we ever see progress in the future, without protests?

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