Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

NEWS FLASH – Be extremely careful when crossing the street in the area of Third Avenue and Eighth Street.

I had no idea so many people drove on the sidewalk in Marlinton.

But, after replacing the flower box at Alfredo’s a third time and having it hit again and destroyed for the fourth time, I officially gave up and had the concrete planter moved over the cut-out spot, on that corner.

For your information, the flower boxes on Main Street were built with the intention of them holding the mulch that was in the sidewalk cutouts, around trees on the sidewalk, or, in the case at Alfredo’s,  an empty spot awaiting a replacement tree. Also, it was thought that the planter boxes would provide space for other greenery.

When the problem developed with the hanging baskets over the summer, no additional planting was done.

So, maybe a new plan can be developed for next summer.

It is good to be reminded of the positive.

We live in a world full of reminders that our “best” simply isn’t good enough – for some. Trimming trees to some is like “butchering” trees to others.

One asks, “Why so much?”

Another asks, “Why so little?”

Here is the rule of thumb: No one should have to duck their head when walking down the sidewalk. Any limb over the sidewalk should be at least six and a half-to-seven feet high.

Any limbs overhanging the streets should have at least 10 feet of curbside clearance and 13 feet at the center of street.

Streets must accommodate fire and delivery trucks as well as cars.

Stop-signs are intended to be visible as you approach them.

When I come up short in a certain activity, if I know I have given it my best, it is easy to let the “less significant” wash away.

So, when your best isn’t good enough, don’t sweat it. Continue to do “your” best. The complainers will not commit to doing what you do. They just want to sit back and tell you what to do.

The Town will begin putting up Christmas Holiday decorations this week.

You may want to be thinking about an entry for the Christmas Parade, which is planned for Friday, December 7.

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