Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

A REMINDER to all property owners within the boundaries of the Town of Marlinton: 

“If you have or are planning to rent RV space for periods that exceed 30 days per quarter year,” you MUST come to the town office and apply for A Variance of Marlinton Town Ordinance 7-404-5 16(b).

Attention citizens and property owners: If you are going to build or intend to build within the boundaries of the Town of Marlinton. Come to the town office. Inquire about necessary permits. Remember – most of the town is within the floodplain. Other parts are in the flood-way. These two designations have extreme differences.

Installing new RV sites in the floodplain is building in the floodplain/floodway. Use the online West Virginia Flood Determination tool. Inquire about floodplain issues and how they will affect your plan. At some point, you will wish you had.

Call Miss Utility. Ask about the locations of existing electricity, water and sewer lines and/or access to each.

Dumpsters are for trash. Do not load dumpsters with gravel, rock or building materials. If you have a special clean-up project, call the town office. Often, the town can arrange a dump truck for pickup.

A ton of gravel in the dumpster costs $72.75 to dispose of at the landfill, and, most of the time, we can use the same material for fill in other areas.

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