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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Growing pains are a normal part of everyday life and business expansion, in particular.

The gas well drilling and pipeline construction in West Virginia is no different. The influx of workers is going on all over the northern part of the state. These workers are providing the labor for gas well development and construction of new gas transmission mains.

The majority of these workers own large camping trailers and need camp sites with utility hookups. The high demand for camp sites has resulted in a high demand at the Town Office. Individual property owners can personally decide if they want to participate or not. However, at the Town Council level, it does not happen so quickly. Answers for many property owners wanting to develop RV campgrounds or sites takes longer. Therefore, another special meeting will take place Thursday evening at 5:45 p.m. to discuss certain rules and regulations which are as yet undefined.

Meanwhile, property owners should be advised: according to PSC Requirement, no permanent premises may be installed in a master metered RV campground. If the campground is later converted to a mobile home park, or if any permanent premises are constructed, individual metering will be required.

According to PSC, property owners, outside the Town Limits and on town water, who install campsites should be required to have a new tap and master water meter installed for the campers, separate from their permanent premises.

Water Rule 5.3.j states in part that “…no water pipes or plumbing in any premises shall be extended therefrom to adjacent or other premises.”

Another common question is “Who pays the cost of installing new service to RV campgrounds?”

New RV campgrounds created specifically to house a work force for only a limited period of time may be considered temporary. Water Rule 4.1.f, allows the utility to charge the property owner the entire cost and expense for installing a “temporary service” connection.

Garbage charges, in some instances, must be defined.

Also, furniture or appliances are not allowed in dumpsters.

In other business: for interested Pocahontas folks, GVEDC director Andrew Hagy is attending the International Wood Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other HAZ representatives. On their display table is the Edray Industrial site, and the new HAZ Directory.

• Citizens can help bring better broadband access into our community by taking the WV Broadband Enhance Council’s internet speed test. This information is used to record actual service (or lack thereof) in our area. Check your service daily. Go to broadband.wv/gov

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