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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The construction phase of two Marlinton utility projects is about to begin.

Thursday, June 14, is set for the Bid Closing and Award of Bid for the town’s Water Improvement Project. A pre-construction meeting will be held Monday, June 18. We expect staging of equipment and materials to begin shortly thereafter.

The Marlinton Water Plant refurbishing project is to be completed by December 2019. Replacement of two smaller Cemetery Hill water tanks, with one larger tank, should be completed this fall, before bad weather sets in.

FYI: The water tank on the hill past Mountain View Cemetery is actually referred to as the South Tank. A part of the planned improvements will be a modification, allowing water from the South Tank to return to Town, via Smith Addition.

Another difficult, but necessary requirement is upon us.

I have communicated with the Marlinton Fire Department about Annual Fire Hydrant System Testing. The Town of Marlinton, in cooperation with the MFD, will begin testing fire hydrants Monday morning, June 25. The Town will provide at least two personnel for the duration of the testing process, which will take two weeks or longer.

Unfortunately, aging distribution lines in certain areas of town causes a stirring effect in the system, particularly in downtown and lower Second Avenue. You should expect this stirring to create a discoloration.  If this happens at your residence, you will need to allow the water to run until it clears. 

Remember: The Town is required to complete this hydrant testing. The MFD is among a select number of small town fire companies to have achieved a class 4 ISO rating. The Town wants to do all it can to maintain that classification.

An updated report on Discovery Junction will be made in the next couple of weeks. At this point, fundraising continues.

If you are interested in donating to this project, call or stop by the Town Office for information.

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