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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

What does the mayor do?

Some days – he just puts puzzles together – all day.

For instance:

Water theft happens in different ways.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported issues that have happened with water customers. I am sharing this one for your entertainment.

What if, in the process of other work, a house, where the water had been turned off two months earlier, is identified as being occupied?

Then, upon further inspection, it is found that the water has been turned on by a third party.

Then, what if, when the water is turned off again, it is discovered that more than 12 thousand gallons had passed through the meter?

Then, a boyfriend shows up to pay a deposit, but says the outstanding balance due is not his bill, because – it was in the name of the girlfriend who had moved out.

As a matter of fact, the old girlfriend had been gone long enough, that a new girlfriend has moved in.  And, what if, they both think they have been using water that was in the old girlfriend’s name? Then, who’s bill is it?

Then, when it is determined that the water had been turned on in the old-girlfriend’s old boy friend’s name – then, whose bill is it?

And, when the current old boyfriend’s mom is called on to help pay the outstanding balance, she can’t understand why her son should have to pay someone else’s water bill.

Then, who’s bill is it?

Question for mom?

Are you kidding me?

Your son kept water service when his old girlfriend moved out, but, he is still there?

He should have at least called the office when the old girlfriend moved.

Adding to some of the confusion, this property had paid only a sewer charge during the first six months of the year.

These are the ridiculous situations that force the town to remove and/or lock meters when people have their water shut off.

Also, this is the type scenario that will see prosecution in the future when fraud occurs.

By the way, the Town knows whose bill it is, and there is enough fault to go around.

I should have shared this a couple of weeks ago.

Then, you could have been thankful that you don’t have to deal with such outrageous situations.

1. The Christmas Parade is on schedule and will take place this Friday, December 1, at 7 p.m.

2. Items have been reported to our office as lost and found. They were reportedly picked up near the First Avenue park. This was on or about November 15. You will have to come to the Town office and provide a description to claim them.

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