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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The Golden Rule has long been the gold standard for conduct.

Our actions speak even louder than our words.

Disagreement is not an excuse to be unreasonable.

The process should not be more important than the goal.

When preparing for a trip, the destination is the goal. Creating a plan is a good thing. But, it needs to be a flexible plan. Things change along the way. Construction zones may cause detours. Stormy weather does not cancel the trip. It may change the route to where you’re going. If you are determined to make the destination, you will adjust and find another way.

The destination is the goal!

How you get there can happen in various ways.

The successful plan will be the one that gets you where you are going. You begin to realize even the detours provide experiences that you would otherwise never have had. Your attitude about the detour can ruin the trip or cause you to cancel altogether.

The right attitude about the detour is what makes for a good experience.  Take away something positive from the experience – even if you never intend to go that way again.

Remember – the real beneficiaries will be those who complete the trip and make it to the planned destination.

Hopefully, they will like what they see and return to visit again and again. 

When you impact others in a positive and lasting way – everyone benefits.

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