Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Urban Deer Hunt Report

The Special In-Town (Bow-Only) Deer Season began September 3 and seven (7) deer kills were reported as of the end of last week. That may not sound like many, but, we only sold 21 licenses. That means one-third of the licensed hunters bagged a deer. The season continues through the end of December. The first Special Season was not as well-attended as we anticipated, but, a second year season for the fall of 2017 will be proposed at the January Town Council meeting.

Free Shuttle for the Community – The Town of Marlinton, in cooperation with the Pocahontas County Senior Center, is offering a second year service for the first quarter of the new year. This is offered to every citizen in Marlinton, Riverside and Campbelltown – every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning January 3, 2017. Call 304-799-6337 and press #3 for Pam to schedule your pickup time.

Regional opportunity –

The Town of Marlinton is a member of Region IV Planning and Development Council. As a member, we have been notified that the Region IV office is working to provide administrative services on a Forest Products Marketing and Manufacturing Cooperative Project. This project will be geared toward the creation of job opportunities for displaced coal miners and others throughout the Region. The project submitted an application to the Appalachian Regional Commission for POWER+ funding.

I have included this notice in an effort to make others aware and establish local interest in the wood products sector. If these efforts lead to the creation of jobs in the region or a tenant at the Edray Industrial Park, that would be great. If you have a personal interest in participating in the cooperative or know persons such as displaced coal miners, this is a possible opportunity for you to pursue. Likewise, if you have thought about trying to break into the wood products industry and/or a local hobbyists that may consider taking their talents a step further, this is for you, as well.

If you are interested in participating, please send a letter to the West Virginia Forest Products Marketing and Manufacturing Cooperative and express your interest in developing a forest products-based business. Describe your personal philosophy and vision. State your current employment status and desire to develop a manufacturing business. Provide contact information: Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Send your letter to: John Tuggle, Executive Director, Region 4 Planning and Development Council, 885 Broad Street, Suite 100, Summersville, WV 26651

Also ask to be kept apprised of the development and formation of the West Virginia Forest Products Marketing and Manufacturing Cooperative.

I have met with Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op President Dawn Barrett and forwarded this artisan-based forest products program to her for distribution. This program, intended to provide jobs for southern West Virginia, could very well provide for those laid-off miners and others who already love Pocahontas County. Many have camps or second homes here. Their products could serve as a catalyst for marketing the West Virginia forest-based products and items that are being produced here.

Dangerous Dogs

If a dog exhibits aggressive behavior, the municipal court judge can call a hearing wherein the animal can be determined to be dangerous. Owners of dangerous animals should be aware of the requirements set forth in Section 3-304 of the Animal and Fowl Ordinance.

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