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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Correction: Last week, I incorrectly stated 13 years, when I recognized The One Room University (ORU), in Marlinton. The actual statement should have read six years and 13 semesters have been successfully completed.

What was correct was the primary fact – the ORU is a tremendous asset to Marlinton and Pocahontas County.


Did you know the Town of Marlinton pays a water bill?

The last billing was for $466.19.


Because West Virginia law requires that municipal water utilities be separate from general town expenses as if it were a separate business. Because it is!

Did you know towns are like individuals who take out loans?

We must prove we have income to pay back the debt.

Do you know why our rates will raise 10 percent as Step #1 in December and another 19 percent as Step #2 July 1, 2018?

Because that is what we need in order to repay the debt on the necessary and required improvements.

Did you know the Elkins Water Improvement project has resulted in a 52.5 percent increase that will go into effect with the December 19, 2017 billing?

Did you know that the Step #1 increase for Marlinton’s minimum residential billing will result in a bill for $66? Elkins’ minimum residential billing will be $95.

Did you know when Step #2 becomes effective for Marlinton water customers on July 1, 2018, the new minimum rate of $78.60 will still be lower than the Elkins rate of $95 for the same amount of water?

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