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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

At a recent meeting, an attendee spoke about what motivates a person to public service. Another individual spoke from the perspective of being a small town mayor’s son. He recalled the sacrifice his father made on behalf of his hometown, often with little or no support from the community. Still, this mayor’s son, now in retirement, is trying to make a difference while serving in his community.

All in attendance that day agreed the common reasons for public service are found in a deep concern for community and a sincere desire to make their respective communities better. I came out of that meeting feeling thankful for the community support I have received.

There will always be work to do, and we can accomplish a lot when we work toward common goals. Every plan has lots of moving parts. Completing one usually depends upon another. We must expect the unexpected. Things happen. The processes are cumbersome. The unintended distractions that we deal with do not help.  Nevertheless, I remain thankful for all the help and support I have received from this community.

The Pocahontas County Children’s Memorial Flag Day continues to grow. Sadly, the need continues to grow, as well. This program brings focus to the safety and well-being of our county’s youth. Who could imagine that 36 children in foster-care in this county last year has grown to 45 children this year. Most all cases are related to substance abuse. Approximately another 611 children are identified as “at-risk” in this county. The ceremony held at the courthouse remembered those children who did not survive their physical abuse.

Pocahontas County remains ranked at #53 of 55 counties. This awareness begs the obvious question – What can we do to turn these statistics around?

Some businesses and people are doing what they can to make a difference. Their efforts are worthy of recognition for what they are doing.

Local recipients of this year’s Champion For Children Awards went to Mitchell Chevrolet, Sam Gibson and Missy Keatley. Approximately 90 persons attended this years Children’s Memorial Flag Day. Let’s pray as more people become involved in their communities – fewer children will need foster care services.

Peace Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officers Memorial Day came into effect in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15 as a day to honor law enforcement officers. Each year, the president of the United States proclaims May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week of each year in which May 15 occurs is designated as Police Week.

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We plan to hang flower baskets on Main Street Friday morning.

Something for your consideration: Have you thanked your mother for being Pro-Life?

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