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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

CUB SCOUT PACK #33 took to the streets of Marlinton Monday evening, making a clean sweep for trash and debris. Several clubs and civic organizations are joining in the Spring Clean-up which extends to Saturday, April 22. A celebration will be held at the Gazebo that evening. Refreshments will be provided and before and after photos shared. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of this important work. Photo courtesy of Cub Scout Pack #33

The worst part about being a Papaw is that I only remember one thing at a time.

April 4 was the fifth Annual Mayor and County Recognition Day for National and Community Service. I may be a week late, but I felt so strongly about this, I decided better late than never.

Every day in communities across the country, AmeriCorp, Senior Corp and community volunteers address the pressing challenges facing all cities and towns. Mayors are increasingly turning to these services and volunteers as a cost-effective strategy. Quite frankly, if it were not for volunteers and community involvement, what would we do? This week, the Rotary Club, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are making a difference in our community. (A congratulatory report will follow next week).

If you work with or are a member of a group doing voluntary service, God bless you and the work you do.

Also, for your information, after last week’s Mayors Corner had been submitted, I was given an extension for the Town to receive tires until April 20.

This Special Spring Clean-up is your opportunity, as a town resident, to dispose of unsightly debris. This service gives the Town an opportunity to assist you in the process. Please remember: If you have larger items that require special handling, give us a call first, at 304-799-4315. We will come inspect what you have.

Note: we cannot dispose of batteries, motor oil, any kind of hazardous materials, or large metal objects, but may direct you to someone who can.

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