Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Customer concerns regarding sewer problems are not unusual. However, a concern filed last week was unusual, in that it brought new insight into the origins of this specific problem. The cause makes me wonder what people are thinking.

A resident wrote, in part: “I have a problem. It has been reported numerous times over the years. There are rented houses nearby, but most never have active water or sewage service. This compounds the problem, as waste piles up in the lines. The smell that rises through drains makes my house smell rotten. These “renters” flush clothing garments, such as shirts and underwear down their toilet blocking the lines. Rainy weather fills up blocked sewage lines.”

A neighbor worked on this problem and found clothing. This neighbor informed the town workers of finding tee shirts, shirt sleeves and shop rags in the line.

If rags are flushed, anything the town does in this area is temporary.

Something needs to be done with renters who do not keep water service and who use torn up rags for toilet tissue. Baby wipes create enough problems.

Sewage lines need to be repaired and replaced in various places.

Trash, rocks and rags that do make it to lift stations create other problems for the Town. All repairs ultimately cost each of us.

The Town cares what happens on each street. But, imagine how hard it is to provide uninterrupted sewer service to an area where a majority of dwellings are vacant or without active water services and where some think it’s okay to flush clothing and other rags down the sewer. Regardless, we care about the health and safety of all residents and continually work toward having normal sanitation services necessary for all to live a happy and healthy life.

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