Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Consistency and fairness is our aim.

The Town of Marlinton takes no joy in sending out shutoff notices. But the Town’s computerized billing program is consistent. If a customer’s utility bill has not been paid by the due date, the system generates a reminder that is mailed to the customer.

The whole intent of the reminder is to avoid a shutoff without notice.

Termination Timeline

By Vicki Lemley, Consumer Affairs Technician, Water and Wastewater Division, Public Service Commission of West Virginia
The Water and Wastewater Division of the Public Service Commission receives numerous phone calls from utilities, as well as customers, who do not always understand the timelines associated with the billing and termination process for water and sewer utilities. The table below shows a view of the billing and termination timeline for:

Public Service Districts and Municipalities
West Virginia Code §16-13A-9 (PSD)
West Virginia Code §8-18-22, §8-20-10 and §16-13-16 (Municipal)

Day 1: Bill issued (Water Rule 1.7.b.1)

Day 20: Latest pay date for bill. (Water Rule 1.7.b.2)

Day 21: Bill is subject to late charge or 10% penalty and is delinquent after 20 days. (Water Rule 1.7.b.3)

Day 22: Water utility sends written notice that bill is delinquent (Water Form No. 1), and service will be discontinued, no sooner than 10 days from the date of the notice. (Water Rule 4.8.a.1)

Days 23 – 27: Notice of termination posted for termination of master meter, apartment buildings or for any service where the service address is not the same as mailing address (Water Rule 4.8.a.8) This is at least five days prior to scheduled termination.

Day 32: Discontinuance may occur after two attempts to notify by personal contact made on two separate business days at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled termination. No sooner than 10 days after disconnect notice. (Water Rule 4.8.a.3)

Day 62: Written notice of pending discontinuance of service is void 30 days after the date indicated on the notice. Termination process must start again. (Water rule 4.8.a.1)

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