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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Halloween will be celebrated in Marlinton Friday, November 1, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Expect lots of kids to be out on the sidewalks.

Most will be in the streets or crossing the streets, from one side to the other. Some will be unsupervised or with a large group of people.

Injuries can occur on this night. It is always good to plan ahead.

Try to dress children in bright or reflective clothing.

Instruct children to not taste test any candy or treats until after they get home.

Parents or guardians should inspect treats, to make sure appropriate treats were handed out during trick or treat.

If there are any problems or if you see tricks getting out of hand Halloween night, call 911. 

We hope for a safe evening.

Water Customer Notice: If you believe you have a water leak, call the town office. We will send someone to look at the water meter. If the meter is turning and no water is in use in the residence, then a leak is evident on the customer side of the meter. Water customers have no right to be in water meter wells for any reason, per #6 of rights and responsibilities. Customers can be held liable for damages or misuse of property, per #7 of the same.

The utility [town] and customer must work together to achieve the best water service.

Don’t Forget: You have transportation options. The Mountain Transit Authority bus is now running the Marlinton Loop two days per week – Tuesday and Thursday, every hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The full schedule is posted at various locations in town, it was in last week’s edition of The Pocahontas Times and it can be found online.

More information about this service can be found on page 1 of this edition of the paper.

Passengers with disabilities may request access to the service. Call 304- 872-5872 or email admin@

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