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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Monday morning, someone asked, “What are you doing out so early?”

My answer was one I had never used before in Marlinton. “Waiting on a bus!” I said.

I had the pleasure of riding the first regular run of the MTA Bus service to Interstate Hardwoods at Bartow. At $10 a day round-trip, one worker expects to save as much as $30 per week by riding the bus.

I would think anyone who is currently driving from Dunmore or Green Bank to Bartow could save half that amount. The Marlinton loop begins Tuesday, October 8.

 Two weeks ago, I talked about issues at our sewer plant that contributed to the insufficiently aerated lagoon. We are currently in the process of making the necessary electrical repairs.

I have found that the cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, are neither bacteria nor algae. One definition describes it as algae-ish, forming the scummy mats on the water’s surface. This is currently the scene. The mats cause low dissolved oxygen conditions at the bottom of the lagoon. The mats block sunlight and the surface interface with the air.


1. There is now WiFi in the council room.

2. Our intake is still in good shape. But water conservation at this time is a good idea.

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