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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

by Sam Felton

This week, I take a departure from town business to bring attention to community business.

You will see in this week’s paper a Proclamation for March 2017. “March for Meals Month” is intended to honor the Meals On Wheels Program through Senior Services, Inc.

Years ago, my mother delivered meals to seniors in Randolph County. I remember her saying, “She used to think it would be easy to cook for one person,” until she found herself cooking for one when she lost my dad. After that, she realized lots of things were not easy.

Community services such as Meals On Wheels deserve community support. Most of you already know of someone who depends on this service. What you may not know is the tremendous difference Pocahontas County Senior Citizens, Inc., is making to citizens throughout the community.

I would like to bring attention to the senior programs in our county. Staff and volunteers at each location – Green Bank, Hillsboro and Marlinton – work hard keeping the various programs running. Recent budget cuts extend to employees hours being cut, as well. With other potential funding cuts on the horizon, management and staff are constantly looking for savings. Small personal donations or a donation from your church make a big difference in keeping these programs available to seniors.

If you have elderly friends, family or neighbors, make it a point to check on them on a regular basis. Take them a bowl of soup, or share a meal.

Doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you, used to be commonly known as The Golden Rule. Most of our grandparents lived by it. Now, all too often people don’t know what it is.

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