Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Last week I came across a note I had written to myself.

It was from July 17, 2017, at 9:09 a.m.

I thought it was worth sharing.

The note asked the question: Have you ever dreamed about a vacant lot being transformed into an outdoor performance venue?

At a Special Meeting of Marlinton Town Council this coming Friday morning, the Low-Bid Contractor will be officially selected for the construction of Discovery Junction.

A lot of hard work by committee members went into the give-and-take process, that finally produced a design plan. More give and take will be required to complete the project. But we are finally closing in on the construction phase.

Now it is time to continue dreaming.

How about developing the turn-table area beside the restored water-tank on the Greenbrier River Trail?

What about the overlook and the wetlands project?

How about turning a portion of the island area along Court Street into a dog park?

How about construction and placement of a replica of the tree where Mr. Sewell spent the winter. That tree and the overlook would be ideal places for visitors to have their pictures taken.

What are your ideas?

I’ve heard some.

One young man shared his idea “that would top the current Guinness World Record.”

I loved it, and look forward to meeting with him to talk about it.

Others have talked about walking tours of the Town.

Send your ideas to

Let’s stop dreaming and make it happen. The step-by-step process to transform a vacant lot in our community could work for your idea.

Engage the community.

Determine the design – maybe a community garden. Consider community goals to transform the idea to reality.

Identify a potential location.

Funds can be raised through crowdfunding, grants, donations or sponsorships.

Before beginning work, get permission. This is key!

Build the project with the help of volunteers.

Celebrate and maintain!

The steps taken to guide one project to success can be duplicated to bring success to another.

Be the change you are looking for in your community. 

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