Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Mountain View Cemetery is a special place.

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are special days.

On these special days, we want the cemetery to be at its best. Unfortunately, when employees are on vacation and others call-off unexpectedly, only to return as the rain begins, things don’t work as easily as one might imagine.

The following is a partial list of the work the Town crew completed during the first part of May, and other items of town business:

• With considerable private/public coordination and third-party contracting, a sewer issue on 14th Avenue has been repaired with a good outcome.

• Another straight-pipe water connection has been discovered. By now, there should be no mistake. A criminal violation exists when a water connection is made by an individual without the knowledge of the Town or the presence of a water meter. Action such as this is no different than filling your gas tank at a convenience store and pulling away without paying.

• Numerous water leaks have been repaired thus far in May. Up to six of them were near Eighth Street at Marlin Run. This location will require more clean-up when the weather dries up.

• Two other significant water leaks were repaired at Third Avenue and Ninth Street near the Frontier Communications office.

• A Second Avenue customer reported a leak on the service side of their water meter.

• The Town crew prepared the parking lot at First Avenue for the Saturday start-up of the Farmers Market.

• A dead utility pole at the end of bridge was removed. The parking lot at the end of the bridge was graded and cleaned.

• In other locations, trees have been cut, signs have been put up, and more cleaning and mowing will be done as time and weather allow.

• The Town has three (3) grants in process.

• Calls and emails to the DOH District Office in Elkins about street paving remain unanswered.

• The Municipal Court had no cases last Thursday.

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