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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The Town of Marlinton, with the help of the West Virginia Rural Water Association, plans to do more smoke-testing of its sewer system.

The town crew will use WVRWA equipment to test our system.

The testing will begin Wednesday, May 8, with the help of a Rural Water representative. Wednesday will be primarily a day of getting familiar with the equipment and the process.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

On Tuesday, May 14, the Marlinton Water Department and Marlinton Fire Department will begin annual inspections and testing of fire hydrants.

Hydrant testing will continue Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through the end of May – depending on other work.

To ensure the safety of residents’ lives and property, all fire hydrants are to be inspected annually. If a hydrant is in need of repairs or replacement, we want to know before there is an emergency.

Disasters can occur anywhere, and often when we least expect them.

National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA®) codes and standards provide ways to prevent occurrences and protect us.

Safety inspections start with a physical inspection of each hydrant which includes a 12-point checklist. We will talk more about findings later. Until then –

DON’T FORGET YOUR MOTHER – Mother’s Day is Sunday.

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