Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

I begin this week’s Mayor’s Corner with a clarification: Sunday’s Town Hall at the Marlinton Municipal Building was not an endorsement of a particular candidate. The invitation to meet a candidate for Governor or any other office would have been more correctly identified as a public meeting at the Town Hall Auditorium. 

The last two weeks have included trial and error work on the Fourth Avenue drainage problem. The approaching weather last mid-week was reason enough not to begin digging. This week’s weather begins warmer and dryer, so expect to see the men at work.

I hope the problems has been solved by the time you read this.

Construction at the water plant has slowed until end of month. However, the foundation for the new cemetery hill tank has been poured. When the crew returns there, the tank should go up rather quickly.

Meanwhile, I can’t say enough about the operators who have managed to keep water flowing under extraordinary circumstances.

The lingo in the water plant world includes Bisulfites, Polyaluminum Hydroxychlorosulfate and Sodium Fluoride Granular.

All I can tell you is, operating a water plant is an expensive proposition that involves a lot of testing and monitoring.

The Planning Commission is meeting Monday evening to go over the draft copy of the comprehensive plan.

We still have regular complaints of dogs running loose on upper Second and Third avenues, and Hamilton Hill. Also, we have received reports of dog poop at the vacant lot – soon to be Discovery Junction – beside the opera house.

This lot is no place to walk your dog. If your dog goes there, it needs to be cleaned up.

As a matter of fact, the Discovery Junction committee meets Tuesday morning to discuss the next steps to keep moving forward.

This project is gaining momentum.

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