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Long About Thanksgivin’ Time’

Ain’t it splendid to be livin’

‘long about this time o’ year.

Just around about Thanksgivin’,

with the mornings crisp and clear;

With the children’s cheeks a-glowin’,

with the future lookin’ bright,

And the shops and mills a-goin’

like red blazes, day and night!

Ain’t it bracin’, ain’t it cheerin’

when the colts kick up their heels,

To approach the corn crib hearin’

turkeys gobblin’ for their meals?

Don’t it make a fellow kinda

satisfied with life and glad

When it’s got so hard to find a thing

that’s goin’ to the bad?

Ain’t it fine to feel the nippin’

of the brisk breeze at your nose,

When the old dead leaves go zippin’

down the lanes in scraggly rows,

When you’ve hay to feed the cattle,

when you love your fellow men,

And you’ve money you can rattle

in your trousers, now and then!

Ain’t it fine to wake from dreamin’

of the home your boyhood knew

And to find the glad sun beamin’

just the way it used to do,

Long ago, about Thanksgivin’,

when you’d energy to spare,

When your pa and ma were livin’

and the days were always fair!

S.E. Kiser

The Pocahontas Times November 27, 1913

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