LLHF call for volunteers

Ruth Taylor
Contributing Writer

The 2017 Little Levels Heritage Fair was a success due to the beautiful weather and the volunteers who stepped up to assist.  Special thanks to the Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department.

With that being said, those present at our recent follow-up meeting were undecided as to whether it will be possible to continue the fair. 

Many who have volunteered in the past are no longer physically able to continue in their former roles. 

Timothy VanReenen, who has been president has resigned due to pending commitments. Vice president Andrew Rice will step in to that position temporarily until a decision can be made as to the future of the event. Jacob Hyer is secretary-treasurer. This position requires much of him throughout the year. There are taxes, grants, forms, etc. to complete along with writing checks, balancing statements and recording the meeting minutes.  

To keep the fair alive, we must have committed volunteers to fill many positions throughout the year and during the event.  Any person or group who is willing to perform any duty is asked to commit to the 2018 fair prior to Labor Day weekend. The LLHF committee will meet Sunday, September 17, at 3 p,m, to decide the future of the event. 

This date is crucial, as there are many grants and other funding deadlines that can only be met if we act quickly. If we have not applied for the necessary funding by late September/early October, then we simply cannot support the operations of the fair.

If we can keep the event alive, the theme for 2018 will be along the line of Family Dinner or Picnic on the Grounds. The idea is to create a “Not Just Another Cookbook” but one featuring recipes, photos and stories of local families. This would be an effort that would require numerous volunteers.

Prior to Labor Day weekend, please let a member of the committee know your wishes and the amount of time you are willing to volunteer.

The future of the fair is in your hands.

You may call 304-653-8563 or email bobandruthtaylor@yahoo.com

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