Library Lines

Vicky Terry


Every now and then one of the library branches gets a request – either from a group or from an individual – to display materials in the library. It might be some art work or photographs. It might be an unusual collection. It might be some information about a certain topic or a cause.

We all love displays or exhibits, but sometimes we have to be selective, either due to content or, more frequently, due to spatial issues. Some of our branches have more display space than others. In spite of that, we do enjoy hosting exhibits.

What many don’t know is that PCFL has a policy concerning exhibits and displays. The Board of Trustees adopted this policy back in 2009, and it outlines what sort of exhibits can be shown in our libraries, and what can’t be put on display.

We decided that since our mission is to provide cultural, educational and recreational materials, our public exhibits should do the following: provide information related to library services and programs; highlight current issues, events or other subjects of community interest; display original art, crafts, photographs or other creative endeavors by local artists; explain activities of local organizations with the same educational and cultural goals; or display interesting collections or hobbies of local community members.

A display may stay up for a maximum of one month, and the same individual or group may only display materials a few times per year, in order to allow equal display space to everyone. The exception to this would be the plaques you see honoring financial donors.

We also decided that displays cannot be used for commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit or for fundraising. Religious proselytizing and partisan political recruitment are prohibited, but educational displays on these subjects are allowed.

So if you have a neat collection, or you belong to a group doing interesting things, please let us know! We would be happy to host an exhibit for you. The full exhibit/display policy can be accessed on our web page; go to and click on “Info.” Once you get to the Info page, you will see another link to our library policies; click that link and then select “Exhibit and Display Policy.” If you have any questions about the appro- priateness of a display or exhibit that you would like to present, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 304-799-6000.

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