Library Lines

I hope you all had a cozy, warm weekend while Winter Storm Jonas raged over us all. I’m not sure how much snow we got here at my house, but I can tell you that the deer that came through the yard looked like hovercraft; the snow was up to their bellies, making their legs invisible. So –how long are a deer’s legs? That’s how much snow we have.
Before any storm, stocking up on supplies is a must. For me, that includes reading material! I have quite a few books in my personal library, but I continue to check out books from the library. I guess I’m saving my personal collection for – something. Retirement, maybe? Anyway, it’s nice knowing I have a lot of books at hand, in case this snow sticks around for a while.
And in fact, this is one of the reasons I love my Kindle; I can store hundreds of books on my device, and never run out of things to read. For an admitted book addict like me, that is pure gold. I don’t have to worry if I brought home enough books from the library to last through winter. I can tuck my Kindle in my purse, and read in doctors’ waiting rooms or anywhere, and never worry about, “What if I finish my book? What then?” It’s a nice, secure feeling.
I love the fact that I can change the font size on my Kindle, and read in absolute comfort. The older I get, the happier this feature makes me. Plus, big thick tomes don’t put a strain on my hands and wrists when they have been loaded on my Kindle. It’s easier to read in bed, too. If I fall asleep and drop my huge 1,000-page hardcover book, well – it’s less painful to drop my Kindle.
Now, granted, there are some drawbacks. You have to charge your device. That’s very true. And not every book is available as an e-book. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to confine yourself to only paper books or only e-books; you can read either/or depending on availability and your mood. I take advantage of all the positive factors of owning a Kindle, but I do still enjoy holding a “real” book.
If you got your first Kindle (or other device) for Christmas, and haven’t cracked open the box yet, stop by the library and let us help you get started. You can download e-books free of charge through our library web page, and we will be happy to get you set up with an account for WV Reads, our digital book collection.
We offer digital audio books, as well. It’s easy and convenient, especially if you happen to be snowed in and want something good to read. I recommend stories about the beach until about April.

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