Library lines

Durbin Community Library has been open for business since mid-July. It’s amazing how many little things need to be done as you move into a new building. Librarian Nancy Egan has been working hard to make the new library welcoming; she’s now at the point where she can focus on getting some new books, audio books and movies in and on the shelves. It’s always exciting to see new materials arriving, and so I thought I would focus on a few new things that you will see very soon at Durbin. This week, let’s talk about some new DVDs. Nancy has expanded her movie collection by ordering some new titles. With the holidays coming up, it might be a good time to come check out the DVD section. She will have some classics on hand that should be fun to see again, or share with younger family members who haven’t seen them yet. First up: what’s a collection without Mary Poppins? The new DVD is the 50th anniversary edition of the film. Fifty years? That can’t be right! This newly restored classic won five Academy Awards, including Best Actress – Julie Andrews – Best Song – “Chim Chim Cher-ee” – and Best Visual Effects. Speaking of anniversaries, she also included the 75th anniversary edition of The Wizard of Oz, which won Oscars for Best Song – “Over the Rainbow” – and Best Original Score. This special 2-disc package includes a full-length documentary on The Making of The Wizard of Oz. Two films that highlight men trying to change the injustice in the world are Gandhi, starring Ben Kingsley and Candice Bergen, and Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson as the Irish activist and revolutionary. I love historical settings, and these two films are some of my favorites. Another must see classic is The Grapes of Wrath, starring Henry Fonda, which is the story of a family fleeing the Dust Bowl in search of a better life in California. If we were to hold a contest, I believe that author Stephen King would win the prize for Most Books Turned into Movies. Stand by Me, and The Green Mile are both riveting stories told by a master storyteller. They may be newer films, but they are destined to become classics in the near future. Tom Hanks is especially good in The Green Mile as the prison guard who meets John Coffey – and experiences a true miracle. These are just a few of the new films coming to Durbin in the next week. I’ll highlight some of the new books you can expect to see in next week’s Library Lines.

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