Library Lines

I listed people who have generously donated to the Pocahontas County Free Libraries in 2014 and 2015, specifically the McClintic, Green Bank and Hillsboro branches – or just the libraries in general. Some people donated to “PCFL” knowing that we will put the money to good use, while some people want the money to benefit a specific branch. Quite a few donors give to honor someone or in memory of a special person in their life.
The following is a list of the people who asked that their donations go to the Durbin Community Library.
Durbin Donations 2014-2015: Christine and James Ahern, BFD Fire Company in memory of Bill Rexrode, Colleen M. Bryant, Dominion Foundation, Dunmore United Methodist Women, Durbin Lions Club, Rondi Fischer, Frank and Janet Ghigo, Christin Glaab, Sue Ann Heatherly, Lawrence Hiner, Deborah H. Hoeper, James and Rosalie Holder, John and Diana Holliday in memory of Alex Cassell, John and Robin Mutscheller, Moreau A. Keller Jr., Marlinton Woman’s Club, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Kathryn B. Parker, Perrin and Peggy Quarles, D. Scott and Linda Roach, Charles Sheets, Edie Crawford-Signature Financial Management, Snowshoe Foundation, William and Mildred Simmons, The Whistle Stop, Town of Durbin, Rebecca W. Trafton, Karen Weadon, Dale and Margaret Whiteis and Harry J. Widney.
In addition to these donations, we have received a generous grant from the USDA Rural Development office for $10,000. The money is being used to help cover the cost of the flooring in the new building. Speaking of our new library, I want to remind everyone that the Grand Opening will be held on June 7. Please mark your calendars – we would love to have everyone come and help us celebrate this happy event!
Watch this spot for more details about the Grand Opening in just a few weeks.

Linwood Library
The following individuals and businesses have generously donated to the Linwood Community Library at Snowshoe during 2014-2015. We are most grateful for their contributions.
Fred and Sally Adkins; Anonymous in memory of Virginia Banning; Anonymous in memory of Bill and Alice Hylton; Lauralee M. Bailey; Leslie A. Baldwin in honor of Jon Baldwin; Annie Ruth Blinson in honor of Coye Blinson; Sean Brian; William and Georgiana Bray; Kevin B. Burgess; Leslie and Annabel Burns; Richard L. Campbell in honor of Terry White; Steve and Ricki Carruth; Stephen and Linda Chapman in memory of Jon Burris; Citizens Bank of West Virginia; David and Carole Cobb; Ray and Krista Crabtree; Jean and Bill Crum; Mary and David Curtis; Tom and Carol Dalton; Billy, Cassidy and Teagen Davis in honor of Mork from Ork; Henry andChristine Dietzel; Linda and Richard Donnelly; Dave and Marita Dragan; Cheryl Duff in memory of Richard Duff; John and Hayes Eilers; Elk River Snowboard and Ski; Elk River Touring Inn and Restaurant; Joe and Penny Ferretti; First Tracts Real Estate; Robert and Victoria Forrest; D. Lee and Dorothea Fuqua; George Construction, Inc. in honor of Charles Kingston; Martha Giddings and Michael Hughes in memory of Bob and Betty Gow; Michael Goldberg and Kathleen Mooney; Bill and Sharon Gouckenour; Calvin and Rhodanna Hall in honor of our loving parents; Raenel and Tom Hansen; Richard Hess; Gregory Hutton; Sidney and Carolyn Jack; Lois Jarvis and David Roach; Edward and Judith Johnson; Dale and Nancy Kohlrieser; Jim Kosman; Ralph E. Kramer; Amy R. Legare; Douglas and Sharon Leslie; Sandra Lessig; David and Claire Litsey; Roland L. MacDonald; Ira and Brenda Maupin; Ann McKee; Carlton and Barbara McKinney; Norman and Margaret Melton; Terri and Michael Mohnacs; Rodney Molidor and Karen Anderson; Morning Glory Inn; I.L. and Betty Sue Morris; Mountain Valley Properties; Frank andJane Murden in honor of Linda Montgomery; Richard and Celeste Nalwasky; Michael and Joan O’Dell; Lee Oxley; Robert and Susan Panek; Par Mar Oil Company; Scott and Kate Parker; Daniel and Janice Philippi; George and Anke Poole; Laureen Poole in honor of Bilty; Victoria J. Poundstone in honor of Elizabeth J. Poundstone and Charles J. Poundstone; Fred and Cindy Proctor in honor of Steve and Terry White; Jack Quick; ReMax Snowshoe Properties; Joe Romano; Rick and Becky Sharp; Kimberly and John Shoraka in honor of Robert L. Etter; Silver Creek Enterprises, LLC; Olivia Singleton; Mark Smith and Kyle Tomer; Snowshoe Mountain Resort; David Spitzer in honor of Helen Spitzer; Lee Stilwell; Capt. and Mrs. William F. Story; Richard and Teresa Swift; The Clean Machine: The Fiddlehead Restaurant and Bar; Jeannie K. Todaro in honor of Virginia Cassells; Frank and Jeanne Townsend; Mark Walters; Jonathan Wasko; Gil and Mary Willis; Charles and Rita Wilson; James Withrow and Michele Grinberg; Woodford Oil Company; Noreen and Fairley Workman; Thomas Yanko in honor of our Swissy Mountain Dog, Bentley.

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